Linea Sketch

Sketch. Simply.

Do more with less.

Linea Sketch gives you the right balance of power and control to draw effortlessly. The focus stays where it belongs: on your creations, not the tools.


Picking colors has never been simpler. You can choose from a wide range of pre-defined colors, or customize colors with a single tap. Linea Sketch automatically generates tints and shades with controls that are simple to understand.

Linea Sketch provides a simplified set of layers. A total of five layers, which can easily be rearranged, merged, and adjusted, gives you plenty of flexibility for your projects. It’s a supercharged sketchbook.

ZipShape rules! Draw shapes with ease. Simply hold for a moment after drawing a rough shape and ZipShape automatically creates a perfect version for you. Use the handles to tweak the corner radii and final placement, and you’re good to go. No rulers or stencils required!

Resize. Reposition. Reuse. Your sketch isn’t set in stone. Lasso a piece, then move, resize, or duplicate it. Transform portions of just one layer or a combination of layers.

Paint and fill your sketches organically! Create rustic and artistic effects by painting with organic pigment in three modes. Choose Simple for textured, painterly strokes. Wet for watery strokes with pooled pigment at the edges, or Cloud for textured splats that are great for skies, landscapes, or backgrounds.

Add text and labels to your sketches. Scribble with an Apple Pencil to edit directly or tap with your finger to use the keyboard. Choose from a variety of fonts, scale text dynamically, adjust alignment, set colors, and more!

Blend in. Use the blending stick to soften or smudge your sketch. Use pressure or the brush size to vary the effect. A great way to create smooth gradients and free-flowing shapes.

Add character to your sketch. Textures let you quickly sketch or paint with an array of seamless patterns including halftones, hatchings, stippling, and more. They can also be used to erase or mask, bringing more creative choices to your drawing.

Record your creative process as you sketch. Save a video of your entire sketching process as either a compressed 30 second clip or a full length movie.

Helpful tutorials. In-depth walk throughs. Enjoy video tips, tutorials, time-lapse drawings, and more. You can even watch using iOS's picture-in-picture to follow along while working in Linea!

Designed for Apple Pencil

Linea Sketch was designed from the ground up for this revolutionary input device. If a Pencil isn't available, the app still works great with your finger.

Linea Sketch Tools

All the tools you'd expect.

Brush Size

Preset, pressure sensitive brush sizes for quick creation.

Blend Modes

Additive & non-additive pigments for sketching and shading.

Linea in iPhone

Take your sketches on the go...

Linea also works on your iPhone, so you can capture inspiration whenever it strikes. Use your finger for a quick sketch or write down some important notes with a stylus. No matter where you are.

...or bring them to your Mac, with Linea Link.

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Version History

Change the custom background of your drawing by sampling any color on the canvas with the new eyedropper tool. Fixed iPhone bugs, time-lapse issues, and more.

Linea Sketch 4.3.2

April 2024


  • Custom Background Colors:
    • Use the eyedropper tool to quickly select and set a custom background color
    • Expanded the running list of recent background colors from 5 to 6
    • Improved the Custom Background Color panel when used in dark mode
    • Improved scrolling behavior of the layer texture selector

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rendering problems with the pen tool when used with Clear Ink and varying opacity
  • Fixed a bug that caused layer and tool options to break on the iPhone when Full Keyboard Access is turned on in iOS's Accessibility settings
  • Fixed a bug that could cause portions of time-lapse recordings to go missing
  • Fixed a bug that could cause delays in the final frames of a time-lapse recording
  • Selecting a pre-existing color no longer causes Linea to switch color palettes
  • Fixed the appearance of the Layer Options when first opened
  • Fixed a bug where the selected pixels of a layer would be erased if that layer had been excluded from the lasso selection and that layer was the merge destination

Linea Sketch 4.3.1

December 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing copied content to import / paste at the wrong aspect ratio
  • Copied selections now respect the orientation of the sketch when pasted
  • Copying semi-transparent content across multiple layers respects its opacity when pasting or merging that content into a new layer
  • Transformed selections no longer shift position when merging to a new layer
  • Fixed visual glitches in the project view when moving or reordering sketches
  • Fixed an animation glitch that could affect the closing of zoomed sketches
6 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 4.3

November 2023

New Features

  • Textures: Draw with a variety of pre-defined seamless textures
    • Open Layer options > tap the Textures icon (dot grid) to activate
    • Quickly select from a wide range of useful textures:
      • Abstract patterns (waves, scales, fur)
      • Architectural Materials (wood, stone, etc.)
      • Halftone dots (various screen densities)
      • Hatchings (crosshatching, angled, broken, etc.)
      • Stipples (light, medium, heavy)
    • Also works with Clear Ink as a stencil to erase patterns from your drawing
    • Use in tandem with Transparency Masking to confine textures to a specific area of your sketch
  • Canvas Resizing:
    • Change the overall size and aspect ratio of existing sketches
    • Tap More Actions (⋯) > Edit Canvas Size from within a sketch
    • Adjust the canvas based on screen size, aspect ratio, or custom settings
    • Quickly change aspect ratios based on a list of existing presets
    • Use Freeform to manually adjust the canvas size as needed
    • Expand canvases of sketches created on iPhone quickly and easily


  • Thumbnail Framing:
    • Easily customize the appearance of a sketch's thumbnail in the Project view
    • Open an existing sketch and zoom in / pan to highlight a portion of the drawing
    • Once closed, the project view reflects the new framing for the sketch
    • Great for highlighting a particular portion of a sketch in the Project View
  • Updated the Blending Tool to achieve a smoother result when blending

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent autosaving of sketches while working
  • Turning off "ZipLine polygon support" in Settings now works properly
  • Fixed a bug that allowed zooming of the drawing view while an iCloud document was still loading

Premium feature. Purchase required.

4 new features, 12 improvements, 2 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 4.2.3

August 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a critical bug that prevented sketches from autosaving under certain circumstances, causing potential loss of work
  • Fixed a small memory leak that occurred while time-lapse movies were being generated in the background
2 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 4.2.2

June 2023

Bug Fixes

  • ZipShapes no longer cause autosave to fail while drawing
  • Fixed a crash when duplicating the same lasso selection twice
2 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 4.2.1

March 2023


  • Pixel accuracy for transformed and merged floating selections:
    • Selections now merge as cleanly as possible into other layers
    • Selections move in pixel-sized steps for optimum display when re-positioning
    • Selections remain pixel-aligned when rotated in 90° increments or flipped horizontally or vertically

Bug Fixes

  • The dynamic island no longer visually intrudes on the canvas on iPhone
  • Info bezel displays the offset values in pixels when transforming selections
  • Removed Twitter and added Follow us on Mastodon in Settings
1 improvement, 3 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 4.2

January 2023

New Features

  • Organic Ink:
    • New option for Pen and Fill tools
    • Create textured strokes with the Pen tool
    • Shade wide areas organically by tilting the Apple Pencil as you draw
    • Create enclosed shapes with rough, organic edges with the Fill tool
  • Import & Export:
    • Project Menu > More Actions (⋯) to import / export a wider array of files
    • Import multiple files simultaneously
    • Import sketches from single and multi-page PDF files
    • Import images from PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and PSD files
    • Import pages from 53/WeTransfer Paper journals
    • Export Linea documents to iCloud, Dropbox, etc. via the Files App


  • ZipLine and ZipShape improvements:
    • ZipLines respond to variations in pressure from the Apple Pencil
    • Undoing a ZipShape restores the original stroke on the canvas
    • Undo restores each step of ZipShape transformations as long as the transformation controls are active
    • Undo of additional ZipLine segments keeps the ZipLine active for adding a different segment
  • Sharing extension improvements:
    • Project names are now sorted
    • Trash folder is no longer shown
    • Last project selected is now the default
  • Selection improvements:
    • Greater flexibility when undoing selections
    • Transformations can be undone back to their original state, where the set of layers to include in the selection can be changed
    • Improved the process for merging selected content into other layers
  • Added a new Extra Large 1×1 Grid template
  • Added a new App Design phone template with a Dynamic Island
  • Locking via the Canvas Compass is now saved as a part of the sketch
  • Selecting a layer now subtly flashes its contents for better visibility
  • Images larger than the canvas are now scaled down when importing

Bug Fixes

  • Painting with the watercolor brush now renders colors more accurately
  • Repeated applications of Clear Ink now results in a more natural effect
  • Sketches now appear correctly when shared via the Sketch action menu
  • Fixed a crash when merging a selection into another layer
  • Fixed a number of undo bugs with active selections
  • Fixed undo issue after a selection was cleared or cut
  • Screenshots on iOS 16 can now be shared with Linea

Premium feature. Purchase required.

2 new features, 8 improvements, 7 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 4.1.1

August 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash on iPhone due to missing resources
1 bug fix

Linea Sketch 4.1

May 2022

New Features

  • Project Collections: Organize your projects into handy groups
    • Arrange, name, and organize collections however you like
    • Drag and drop projects into collections to update
    • Assign custom thumbnails for quick reference
    • Collections sync across platforms via iCloud
    • Turn the Collection list on or off using Settings
  • Transparency Masking: Draw inside or recolor existing canvas elements
    • Activate from layer options palette
    • The layer's transparent pixels are ignored while drawing
    • Use any tool inside to quickly shade, add texture, or recolor
    • Automatically "stays within the lines" on any layer
  • Clear Ink: Draw or paint with transparency to "erase" areas of a sketch
    • Select the chip at the top of the color palette to activate
    • Turns any existing drawing tool into a "textured eraser"
    • Clear Ink knocks back existing color based on tool size and pressure
    • Blend areas of one layer into another to create textured effects easily
  • Video Help Library: Learn how to get the most from Linea Sketch
    • Watch helpful, step-by-step tutorials
    • Explore in-depth walkthroughs of key features
    • Enjoy time-lapse drawings to see how other artists work
    • Picture-in-picture allows you to follow along while working in Linea


  • Project View:
    • New Trash container in the Project View safeguards your sketches
    • Deleted sketches are now placed in the Trash, not permanently deleted
    • Sketches stay in the Trash until emptied manually
  • Apple Pencil Double-Tap Actions:
    • New Clear Ink action added in Preferences > Apple Pencil > Pencil Double-Tap
    • Quickly toggle between the currently selected color and Clear Ink
  • Colors:
    • The hex values of custom color chips can now be copied as regular text
    • Visual improvements to custom color chips to identify them more quickly
  • Templates:
    • New templates section for Games
    • Sports scoresheets for baseball and bowling
    • RPG Character Sheet
    • Tic-Tac-Toe
    • Improved clarity of the template icon

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed theme-related interface bugs with custom color selection
  • ZipSquares and Rectangles are now drawn with pixel-perfect edges

Premium feature. Purchase required.

4 new features, 12 improvements, 2 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 4.0

November 2021

New Features

  • Annotations: Add simple text labels and notes to your sketches
    • Tap the "Aa" icon to enter Annotation mode, then on the sketch to create a label
    • Edit Annotations with iOS Scribble or tap with a finger to use the keyboard
    • Choose from a variety of fonts & save your favorite as a Canvas Default
    • Easily adjust Annotation text alignment, color, rotation, and size
    • Merge Annotations to a layer to add additional effects
  • Watercolor Brush: Paint and fill your sketch with organic pigment
    • Three brush sizes that vary with pressure of Apple Pencil
    • Choose between three modes:
      • Simple - Textured, painterly strokes
      • Wet - Watery strokes with pooled pigment at edges
      • Cloud - Textured splats & speckles for skies, landscapes, or backgrounds
  • Lockable Layers: Prevent changes and secure your work
    • Tap on lock icon in Layer palette to lock or unlock
    • Locked layers cannot be edited, merged, or selected with the lasso
    • Layers can still be rearranged, toggled, and sampled with the eyedropper


  • General:
    • Compatibility with iOS and iPadOS 15
    • Updated tool palettes for the new iPad mini
    • New video tutorials: Settings > More Linea Sketch Tips
  • Tools & Backgrounds:
    • New Cotton paper background
    • New larger tool sizes for the Technical Pencil, Art Pencil, and Marker
    • Improved paging for additional brush sizes
  • Colors:
    • Reorganize custom color chips by tapping, holding, then dragging
    • Drag colors from other apps (like Pastel) into Linea's custom color sets
  • ZipShape Radius Control:
    • Adjust the corner radius of square or rectangular ZipShapes
    • Change all four corners simultaneously with a tap on any green control
    • Tap and hold on a green control to adjust a single corner
  • Information Bezel & Transforms:
    • Bezel is now easier to read when transforming selections or ZipShapes
    • Corner radii displayed for ZipShape rectangles & squares
    • Element being adjusted is highlighted in the bezel
    • Transforms snap to sizes (100%, 200%, etc.) & aspect ratios (1:1, 3:4, 2:1, etc.)
    • QuickToggle for snapping: hold down finger while dragging with Apple Pencil
  • Time-lapse:
    • Exported time-lapse movies now hold the final frame for five seconds
    • Improvements to time-lapse reliability and playback
    • iPhone can now export 30 second clips

Bug Fixes

  • Time-lapse movies can now be exported even after recording is toggled off
  • Fixed appearance of eyedropper icon in Recent Colors
  • Help & feature videos no longer stop music from playing

Premium feature. Purchase required.

3 new features, 6 improvements, 3 bug fixes