Linea Sketch

Sketch. Simply.

Do more with less.

Linea Sketch gives you the right balance of power and control to draw effortlessly. The focus stays where it belongs: on your creations, not the tools.

New features. Same simplicity.

Optimized for the newest generation of iPads, including Apple Pencil double-tap support.


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Picking colors has never been simpler. You can choose from a wide range of pre-defined colors, or customize colors with a single tap. Linea Sketch automatically generates tints and shades with controls that are simple to understand.

ZipShape rules! Draw shapes with ease. Simply hold for a moment after drawing a rough shape and ZipShape automatically creates a perfect version for you. Then use the handles to tweak the final placement. No rulers or stencils required!

Resize. Reposition. Reuse. Your sketch isn't set in stone. Lasso a piece, then move, resize, or duplicate it. Transform portions of just one layer or a combination of layers.

Linea Sketch provides a simplified set of layers. A total of five layers, which can easily be rearranged, merged, and adjusted, gives you plenty of flexibility for your projects. It’s a supercharged sketchbook.

Get your fill. With just a tap, Linea will fill an area for all the currently visible layers, including templates and grids. You can also draw shapes to enclose a free-form area. Your creativity knows no bounds.

Blend in. Use the blending stick to soften or smudge your sketch. Use pressure or the brush size to vary the effect. A great way to create smooth gradients and free-flowing shapes.

No sketch is an island. With Linea Sketch's import feature, you can bring existing artwork or photos into your layers. Add to the image or use it as a reference while drawing in another layer.

Have you ever used your finger to erase a whiteboard? Linea includes a traditional eraser tool, but its revolutionary Touch Eraser lets you quickly fix mistakes without switching tools. Just wipe the screen with a finger – and the best part is your hand stays clean!

The first sketch app designed for Apple Pencil

Linea Sketch was designed from the ground up for this revolutionary input device. And if a Pencil isn't available, the app still works great with your finger.

Linea Sketch Tools

All the tools you'd expect.

Brush Size

Preset, pressure sensitive brush sizes for quick creation.

Blend Modes

Additive & non-additive pigments for sketching and shading.

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Version History

New variable width options when sketching with the pen or marker, helpful new templates, the ability to select aspect ratios when exporting and much more!

Linea Sketch 2.6

February 2019

New Features

  • Stroke Widths: The Pen and Marker tools now support strokes that are set to a specific width or that vary with pressure. Fixed width lines are great for lettering, cartoon outlining, and graphing. Variable pen widths create a more organic feel and are perfect for inking comics, illustrations, and more.
  • New Templates: Circular grids, sheet music staves, and Apple Watch user interfaces were added to grids & templates. Whether you're drawing mandalas, writing your next hit, or working on a wearable app, these portrait and landscape layouts will be helpful! Includes:
    • Sheet Music
    • Watch UI design
    • Circular (for Mandalas, symmetric drawing, graphing, etc.)
    • Reticle and Large Dot grids
    • Desktop Web Design
  • Aspect Ratios: Crop and Export is now easier to use with presets for popular formats like 4:3, 16:9, and square. Your settings are also saved, making multiple exports simpler.
  • Other changes include the ability to merge selections into a specific layer, improved selection undo, better placement of images dropped into Linea, and more.


  • PSD export now writes compressed layer data. This reduces file size and works around a bug in Procreate so it handles the transparency correctly.
  • Support for exporting as a PDF from the Crop and Export panel.
  • When pasting or importing an image into a layer while there's a selection, the new content is centered. Can be used while doing copy/paste to another layer to make a duplicate that's in the same place as the original.
  • Reworked early templates to future proof them.
  • When undoing after a transform, the selection is no longer dropped.
  • Added headers to template groups for improved clarity and organization
  • New keyboard shortcuts for selection mode commands: Cut, Copy, Paste, and Duplicate
  • ReplayKit Recording has been re-enabled thanks to a bug fix in iOS 12.1.3 or later

Bug Fixes

  • Drag-and-dropped images are now dropped in the correct place on the canvas
  • Fixed orientation of imported images of certain types (indexed PNG, for example)
  • When importing multiple images in succession, each one gets its own undo state
  • After merging layers, empty ones are now correctly saved to the document file
  • Layer checkmarks now reset to being all-checked between selections
  • A document in iPad sidebar multitasking mode no longer displays the Preview bezel without its text visible
  • Selected templates are now scrolled into view on the popover list no matter the length

Linea Sketch 2.5.2

December 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect undos of some operations
1 bug fix

Linea Sketch 2.5.1

December 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed memory issue that caused a crash in tools
  • Blend tool now works on a smaller area when zoomed in
2 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 2.5

December 2018

New Features

  • Fill Tool - The paint roller fills large areas with color quickly and easily:
    • Tap to instantly flood-fill an area on the selected layer
    • Uses all currently-visible layers, including templates/grids for the fill boundary
    • Draw a shape with the fill tool to enclose a free-form area
    • Supports opaque and additive ink settings
  • Blending Tool - The blending stick softens a portion of your sketch or smudges it:
    • The effect uses both brush size and pressure
    • Blur mode - Soften hard edges and lines; create pleasing gradients
    • Smudge mode - Push or pull strokes to create free-flowing shapes and effects
    • Finger blending - Set your finger to blend instead of erase in Settings
  • ZipShapes - Draw rough shapes and hold at the end to create a perfect version:
    • Recognizes circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, triangles, and polygons
    • Transform handles let you modify the shape - move, scale, stretch to get exactly what you want
    • ZipShapes work with the pencil, pen, marker, and fill tools
  • Versions - Revert a sketch from a previous version to fix a mistake or take a different creative direction:
    • In the Project view tap Select, pick a sketch, then use Versions from the Actions (⋯) menu
    • Revert to a specific version or create a new sketch out of a selected version
    • Versions is only available when iCloud is enabled in Settings


  • There is now a setting for what your finger does while an Apple Pencil is in use: erase, blend, draw, move the canvas, or ignore.
  • New paper background: Mulberry
  • Double-tap on the new Apple Pencil can be configured to switch tools, change interface state, enter selection mode, or modify tool sizes
  • New template for full-screen tablet that matches 11" iPad Pro aspect ratio
  • When recording or broadcasting your sketch, the record indicator and popup are no longer captured
  • Refined user interface elements
4 new features, 6 improvements

Linea Sketch 2.2.2

October 2018


  • Pen in blended mode is lighter when using a Logitech Crayon, other non-Apple Pencil stylus, or a finger
  • Eraser works properly in blended mode when used with a Logitech Crayon, other non-Apple Pencil stylus, or a finger

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem when creating polygon ZipLine shapes (connected lines)
  • Tapping while drawing with finger or non-Pencil stylus results in a dot again
  • Predicted path preview of the pen tool in blended mode is improved
  • Choosing to resolve conflicting versions of a drawing on iCloud now updates the state of the document correctly
2 improvements, 4 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 2.2

September 2018

New Features

  • Broadcast Yourself - Show the world your latest creation using the new Present Canvas options available from a sketch's Actions icon (⋯)
    • A video of your canvas is created while you draw
    • Recording can be configured to add either audio or video commentary
    • Your drawing session can be saved to the Camera Roll or shared on social media
    • You can also live stream to services like Mobcrush (that support ReplayKit)
  • Canvas Sizes - Tap and hold the + button when creating a new sketch for a range of canvas size options including:
    • Current screen size
    • 16 x 9 aspect ratio
    • 3 x 2 aspect ratio
    • 4 x 3 aspect ratio
    • Square
  • Send to Linea - A new Sharing extension lets other apps send images to a project
    • Enable "Send to Linea" in the More item of the Sharing sheet
    • Works great after taking a screenshot for markup in Linea


  • Presentation Mode via Airplay now available from the sketch's Action menu
  • Smoother brush strokes when drawing with a finger or stylus (non Apple-Pencil)
  • The minimum zoom-out amount increased from 50% to 20%
  • Interface tweaks and polishing
  • Refreshed app icon

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed cosmetic issues
  • Project thumbnails update correctly when sketches changed on another device
3 new features, 5 improvements, 2 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 2.1.1

June 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Importing an image into a non-empty layer no longer sends it to an empty layer if one was available
  • Moving a selection or importing an image in an unchanged document now always gets saved on close
  • Fixed a problem that in a rare circumstance could cause a set of changes to not be saved
  • Fixed a couple of crashes users have seen
4 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 2.1

May 2018

New Features

  • Custom Color Picker - New superpowers to get the right color
    • Eyedropper that lets you quickly pick a color from the canvas
    • Type in hex colors to match a color from a web site or other design
    • Slider to adjust lightness or darkness of a color
    • Keeps a history of changes making it easy to experiment
  • Color Sets - Customize the palettes of colors you use in Linea
    • Tap the Color Sets icon at the top of the palette to access options
    • Each of the three palettes can have its own color set
    • New color sets include pastels, art deco, flesh tones, app design and more
    • Each palette has a set of custom colors: build a color library
    • Recent Colors makes frequent color changes a snap
  • New Templates - Now use Linea for productivity and web design
    • Lay out multiple responsive Web Design concepts with or without notes
    • Also works great for mobile apps on multiple devices
    • Monthly Calendar for scheduling in portrait or landscape orientation
    • Checklists for to-do items, groceries, and more


  • Pencil and pen tools have lower latency to provide the best drawing experience
  • Tool size indicators display the current color of the tool

Bug Fixes

  • When copying or dragging from a portrait-oriented document, the content is now kept in the proper orientation
  • Fixed cosmetic issues

Tip Jar

Developing new features is expensive. Now you can contribute beyond your initial purchase to help fund future updates with the Tip Jar. It’s a subscription-free way to show your love for Linea Sketch.

  • Donate at any time using the Tip Jar item in the Settings view
  • Tipping is optional and reminders are only displayed after new features have been added
3 new features, 2 improvements, 2 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 2.0.2

March 2018


  • Added an option in Settings to control the polygon part of the ZipLine feature.
  • When drawing with a finger, tapping (without drawing a line) now leaves a dot behind (making it easier, for example, to dot i's or write periods when not using an Apple Pencil).


  • Importing images into portrait documents should now rotate the image correctly.
  • Fixed layout of Settings when larger text sizes.
2 improvements, 2 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 2.0.1

March 2018


  • Project views in split screen should now always be sized correctly
  • Presentation mode now properly handles portrait sketches
2 bug fixes

Linea Sketch 2.0

March 2018

Move / Transform

  • New scissors icon in Layers panel - see in-app video for a demo!
  • Resize by dragging the orange handles
  • Rotate with two-fingers or by dragging the selection box outline


  • Quickly create straight lines and polygons - see in-app video for a demo!
  • The delay needed to activate ZipLine can be adjusted via Linea's settings

Image Import

  • Add images to a layer - see in-app video for a demo!
  • Import from your camera, photo library, clipboard, or a file browser app

Portrait Orientation

  • Linea now supports portrait orientation for drawings and notes
  • New sketches are created using the iPad's current orientation
  • Change the orientation by rotating 90º and closing sketch

New Templates & Grids

  • Take notes on Notepads with wide and narrow rules
  • All templates work in portrait and landscape orientation
  • New storyboarding template with 1.85:1 ratio
  • App Design templates updated for latest devices
  • Added small dot grid

Split Screen

  • Linea can now be used while it's side-by-side with another app
  • Reference an image on the web or in Photos
  • Take notes while researching in Safari or any other app

Drag and Drop

  • Drag images from another app and drop them into the active layer
  • Drag images out of the Export view
  • Turn on the Settings option to drag out from Selection


  • Reduced size of the smallest eraser
  • Added support for Smart Invert Colors to help folks with low vision
Major release with many new features and improvements

Linea 1.1.3

February 2018


  • Fixed a problem updating the setting of the Touch Eraser
1 bug fix

Linea 1.1.2

August 2017


  • Fixed a crash that would occur occasionally when using multi-touch system gestures to change apps
  • Fixed a couple other issues that could cause occasional crashes
2 bug fixes

Linea 1.1.1

June 2017


  • Now displays full, native resolution on the 10.5" iPad Pro (instead of a scaled-up version of the 9.7" resolution)
  • Improved tilted rendering of the technical pencil, especially on the new iPads
  • No longer displays a confirmation when clearing a layer from the Layer popup since the clear command is undoable


  • Fixed a couple crashes users had seen with 1.1
  • Sharing multiple sketches from the project view now exports them in the order they are displayed
  • Project view now animates certain changes
3 improvements, 3 bug fixes

Linea 1.1

May 2017

New Features

  • Linea now supports iCloud for storing Linea projects and sketches!
    • On first launch, you will get a summary of iCloud usage for your sketches
    • Turn on iCloud sync and projects become available on all your devices
    • New and updated sketches are synced automatically
    • Copy, backup & inspect sketches via iCloud Drive
  • New Canvas Compass options:
    • Single tap to access the Compass
    • Flip the canvas horizontally or vertically for a fresh perspective on your sketch
    • Don't worry, flipping is only a temporary state while drawing
    • Includes actions for resetting, restoring and locking canvas position
    • Tap & hold the Compass to switch between default and custom canvas position
  • A quick pinch gesture resets the canvas to the default position
  • Added several new isometric grid styles to Grids & Templates
  • Added new shortcuts for Bluetooth or Smart Keyboard users
  • While sketching, hold down the Command key to see available shortcuts


  • Palm rejection improved to reduce unwanted zooming and panning
  • Gesture handling for zooming, panning, and rotating was reworked to provide a smoother experience
6 new features, 2 improvements

Linea 1.0.3

March 2017

Bug Fixes

  • The eraser's outline (showing the area being erased) is sized correctly when zoomed in or out
  • Trying to export part of a document and assign it to a contact no longer crashes
  • Emoji are no longer sometimes clipped when used in a project name
  • Fixed an occasional pause / skip that could occur while sketching or erasing
4 bug fixes

Linea 1.0.2

February 2017

New Features

  • Tilt support for the Apple Pencil can now be used with each tool:
    • Technical Pencil: A smooth, faded stroke along the edge of hard lead
    • Art Pencil: Soft, wide shading that varies with both size settings & pressure
    • Pen: Flat nib great for hard edges or calligraphic writing
    • Marker: Wide flat stroke perfect for coloring large areas of the screen
    • Eraser: Round vs flat oval tip for erasing
  • Move Sketches from one Project to another:
    • Long-press a drawing in the Project view > Move...
    • Select multiple drawings in Select mode to move them all at once
  • New Sketch command:
    • Creates a new, blank sketch using current grid & background settings
    • Located under the More (...) menu when drawing
  • Presentation Mode via video out or AirPlay to an Apple TV:
    • Displays the current sketch full screen and omits tool palettes, zoom level & rotation
    • Turn on AirPlay via Control Center (or connect a display via a Lightning-to-HDMI adapter) then activate Presentation Mode from within a sketch from the More Actions (⋯) menu


  • Hexagonal Grid: Available in multiple sizes in Grids & Templates
  • Double-tapping the Eraser icon now offers to clear the active layer
  • After closing a sketch or paging to a different one, if you return to it without changing another sketch, you can undo the last few actions

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Apple Pencil tracking on the opacity mini-sliders in the Layers panel
  • Improved error message when attempting to rename a project to include a slash
4 new features, 3 improvements, 2 bug fixes

Linea 1.0.1

February 2017

New Features

  • New "Gray Bristol" paper added to the Background options
  • Canvas Locking - Enable by double-tapping the compass icon or long-press it and select Lock from the popup
  • Duplicate Sketch was added to the more-options (...) popup while drawing


  • Palm rejection improved to make it less likely to erroneously detect gestures
  • When a layer is cleared, the layer popover is now automatically dismissed
  • When a layer is cleared or merged, the now-empty layer is reset to 100% opacity
  • Merge Layer now works better when the layers are not at 100% opacity
  • Merge Layers is disabled when the layer beneath is not visible
  • Layer visibility and opacity changes are now undoable
  • When launching after a new install, the how-to document will now be opened
  • Animated transitions between views have been improved
  • Twitter and Instagram links added to the Settings view
  • A few icons polished for consistency

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash and/or strange behavior after having used multiple documents
  • Adjusting the mini-slider on the layer panel with an Apple Pencil will no longer trigger layer re-ordering
  • Duplicating within the project view with multiple sketches selected now duplicates the correct items
  • Duplicate sketches are now placed after the selected documents instead of at the beginning of the project
  • Fixed a problem with undo that could occur if used after merging layers
  • Fixed a rendering bug that occurred when changing documents with the page arrows while zoomed in
  • When starting a stroke near the color picker, it will no longer cause a color-set change gesture to be triggered (and the stroke canceled)
  • When undoing initial content being drawn in a layer, the layer icon is now reset to the empty state
3 new features, 10 improvements, 8 bug fixes

Linea 1.0

January 2017

Initial Release