Linea Go

Sketch. Simply.

Effortless sketching wherever you are.

Designed for iPhone.


Sketch or take notes with ease.

Sketch or take notes with ease.

Whenever inspiration strikes, you'll want to use Linea Go to capture it. Use your finger for a quick sketch or write down some important notes with a stylus. No matter where you are.

Powerful and compact color.

Powerful and compact color.

Choose from a wide range of pre-defined colors, or customize colors with a single tap. Linea Go generates tints & shades automatically, saving time and effort. All in an interface that conserves precious screen real estate.

iCloud is with you.

iCloud is with you.

Syncing keeps sketches & projects up-to-date on all your devices: start sketching out an idea on your iPhone, then finish it with an Apple Pencil on your iPad! You also get a backup that's accessible with Linea Link on your Mac.

Watch you go!

Watch you go!

Record every movement while you work and then show off the final masterpiece on social media! If live streaming is your thing, Linea Go has you covered there, too.

ZipLine to the rescue.

ZipLine to the rescue.

Let's be honest, drawing straight lines on a small screen is hard. ZipLine provides an intuitive solution: just hold the drawing tool still at the end and everything straightens out. Do it again and they connect to each other. Cool.

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Version History

Improvements when drawing on devices with 3D Touch, bug fixes for creating polygons with ZipLine and resolving iCloud sync conflicts.

Linea Sketch 1.0.2

October 2018


  • Reduced pressure required for full tool opacity on devices with 3D Touch
  • Added a setting to disable 3D Touch for pressure on devices that support it
  • Pen in blended mode is now lighter on non-3D Touch devices
  • Eraser works properly in blended mode on non-3D Touch devices

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem when creating polygon ZipLine shapes (connected lines)
  • Tapping while drawing on non 3D Touch device now produces a dot
  • Predicted path preview of the pen tool in blended mode is improved
  • Fixed a problem that displayed erroneous storage options in
  • Choosing to resolve conflicting versions of a drawing on iCloud now updates the state of the document correctly

Linea Go 1.0.1

September 2018

Initial Release

No bugs or new features — yet :-)